Top Indian Bloggers with their Adsense Income – Latest List

Blogging is one of the best way to earn money online in India. There are thousands of blogs already created from Indians to make good and huge money online. There are also so many bloggers who blogs as their hobby. I am also earning good money from my blogs of network with Google Adsense advertising program. Amit Agarwal is the first professional bloggers in India. So, let’s start to read this article on Top Indian Bloggers with their Adsense Income.

Indian Rupee

Blogger name : Amit Agarwal
Blog :
Alexa Rank : Under 2000
Estimated Average Income from Adsense : US$36K/Month.

Amit Agarwal Blogger

Blogger name : Amit Bhawani
Blog :
Alexa Rank : Under 4500
Estimated Monthly Income from Adsense : US$20K per month

Amit Bhawani Blogger

Blogger name : Harsh Agarwal
Blog :
Alexa Rank : Under 3900
Estimated Monthly Earnings from Adsense : US$10K per month

Harsh Agarwal Blogger

Blogger name : Raju
Blog :
Alexa Rank : Under 7900
Adsense Earnings per month : US$10K

Raju TechPP Blogger

Blogger name : Arun Prabhudesai
Blog :
Alexa Rank : Under 13K
Estimated Earnings of Adsense per month : US$5K

Arun Prabhu Desai Blogger

All these guys haven’t got success overnight. They have worked hard constantly to become famous Indian bloggers. If you want to become popular and high earning Indian blogger then you have to work constantly. There is no instant success in life. If you want instant and quick success then you have to work very much like 24×7.

There are so many Indian bloggers who writes in various fields like Technology, Breaking News, Politics, Foreign Policy, Educational and others. Most of Bloggers in India who earns passive income/highest earning from Google Adsense writes in Technology and Educational. There are various reasons for this thing, Technology provides very high CPC and Educational field provides very high traffic towards your blog. Educational niche does not have high CPC, So you must have High Traffic to generate lots of money from it.

I hope that information regarding Top Indian Bloggers with their Adsense Income, Alexa Rank and Blog name will be useful to all bloggers for their inspiration.

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