Top 10 Most Powerful Countries in the World

Top 10 Most Powerful countries list has been created to know which country is going to be superpower. I have created this list of Top 10 Most Powerful countries in terms of economy, army, technology.

Top 10 Most Powerful Countries in the World

1. The United States of America

The United State is the largest economy in the world. Americans are very rich. It has also world’s strongest army with latest and modern arms. Besides this, it has also powerful democracy in the world. USA is on the top in many areas like IT, Sports, Media and such other fields. US have dominance in every area. It has most powerful brains in their country. US has invented lots of important machines, electronic items and more. They are very much advance in technology.

United States Flag

2. China

China is the world’s second most powerful country after the United States. It has vast facility of production and manufacturing. It has good position on exporting products all over the world as “Made in China”. China has also one of the strongest army in the world after US. China is doing very well at technology, education, power and other important sectors. China is being seen as most powerful nation of the world in future. I have placed China at #2 position in Top 10 most powerful countries.

China Flag

3. Russian Federation

Russian federation is also one of the most powerful nation in the world. It has vast land and having good position nuke weapons. Russia is rich in terms of natural resources as well as in the army. Russia was one of the most powerful nation before US in 20th century. It has good position in economy but slowly growing. Some political instability in Russia is there to prevent Russia as superpower.

Russia Flag

4. United Kingdom

United Kingdom has position #4 on Top 10 most powerful countries of the world. UK has good trained army and having modern arms technology. It provides UK great position on the International stage. United Kingdom is not big as Russia in terms of land. UK is also rich in economy. UK is having good relations with US.

United Kingdom Flag

5. France

France is the permanent member of United Nations Security Council. France is having good economy with wealthy industries. France is having good influence in Africa. It has one of the powerful army with modern technology. French is one of the most used language in the world. France is also member of European union and having good weight in the union.

France Flag

6. Japan

Japan is the most powerful country in terms of technology. Japan is more stronger in technology than any other countries. Japan was one of the superpower in 20th century. Japan has fallen in army after second world war. Japan is one of the largest economy of the world. Japan having good nuke weapons and modern arms.

Japan Flag

7. India

India is the second largest country in terms of population after China. India is world’s largest democracy. India is close allied with United States. India is super power in Information Technology after US. India has vast number of IT companies. India is having one of the largest army and economy. It progressing slowly but towards goal.
India Flag

8. Germany

Germany was the powerful nation during second world war. Germany at the current time is also one of the largest economy of the world. It has good position in weapons with modern arms. Germany is close allied to the United States. Germany is also member of European Union with good power and position.

Germany Flag

9. Israel

Israel is one of the close friend of the United States. It has good position at their military power. There are so many enemy countries in their neighborhood but with the support of US, they are fighting it back. It has very advanced technology and also having good trained army. Israel is having nuclear power in their military weapons. Good stability of country politics.

Israel Flag

10. Brazil

Brazil is on of the member of BRIC. It is one of the fastest growing economy in the world. Brazil has good position in Top 10 most powerful countries. It has good trained military. Brazil is stable in political situation. It has world larges’st Portuguese speaking people in the country.

Brazil Flag

So, I think this article Top 10 Most Powerful Countries will helps you to know the most influential countries.

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