Meri Bhabhi Characters Real Name with Photographs

Meri Bhabhi – Ek Nanad Ki Khushiyon Ki Chaabi is the most popular family TV series in India. It was started in 17th June, 2013 and running till date. Suiting locations are based in Mumbai and Delhi. Its running time of the TV series is approx. 24 minutes. It is being produced by Tony Singh and Deeya Singh and written in Hindi language.

This TV serial is only airs on Star Plus in weekdays. This show preliminary shows love between nanad and bhabhi of traditional Indian family. Previously title was “Sher Dil Shergill” and it was changed later on.

Main characters of this TV series are Shraddha (Kanchi Kaul), Ravish Desai, Esha Kansara and others. They play a major role in the TV show.

Meri Bhabhi tv series has different story other than traditional Saas-Bahu, Husband-wife and family drama. It is very difficult to find Bhabhi-Nanad TV series on any tv channel.

Let’s see list of all casts for Meri Bhabhi Characters Real Name with Photographs.

Shraddha Zorawar Shergill real name is Kanchi Kaul
Kunal Shrivastav real name is Ravish Desai
Kritika Anand Shergill/Kittu real name is Esha Kansara
Anand Shergill real name is Vipul Gupta
Colonel Zorawar Shergill real name is Kanwaljit Singh
Amrit Shergill real name is Supriya Pilgaonkar
Ishaan Shergill real name is Abhishek Bajaj
Ashish Shergill real name is Karan Singh(Actor)
Jaya Ashish Shergill real name is Priyanka Singh
Jaspreet/Jas real name is Madhura Naik
Kamini real name is Shweta Gautam
Dhruv Shergill/Sood real name is Uzair
Bobby Sood real name is Bharat Chawda
Chayya real name is Mansi Sharma

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