Mark Zuckerberg Wedding Photos Images Pictures Pics

Mark Zuckerberg Wedding Photos Images Pictures Pics are given here for his fans. Mark Zuckerberg married with Priscilla Chan on 19th May, 2012. Billionaire Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg married his girlfriend of nine years in a surprise ceremony held at their California home this weekend. They turned up at Zuckerberg’s £4.5million home in Palo Alto, California, thinking they were there to celebrate Priscilla Chan’s graduation from her degree in paediatrics.

Zuckerberg gave his bride a simple ruby ring he had designed himself, the spokesman said. He ditched his traditional sweatshirt “hoodie” for a jacket and tie, while Chan wore a lace-topped sleeveless dress and a veil over swept-back hair.

Marks Zuckerberg Wedding Photos Images Pictures and Pics with Priscilla Chan

Mark wedding with Priscilla Chan Photos

Zuckerberg Marriage Pics

Facebook Founder Wedding Images

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