Live Gujarat Election 2012 Results Vidhan sabha Assembly Election Results

Live Gujarat Election 2012 Results Vidhan sabha Assembly Election Results information has been provided here. The Assembly elections were virtually a three-way fight with rebel BJP leader Keshubhai Patel, a former chief minister, launching his political outfit Gujarat Parivartan Party (GPP) months ahead of the polls and main Opposition Congress running a sustained and aggressive campaign against Modi. Congress had lost power in the key western state in 1990.

The voting percentage (voters turnout) for the 1st phase is around 68%. Around 70% voter turnout for the 2nd phase in the Gujarat Election 2012. Most of people are eagerly waiting for the results of Vidhan sabha election of Gujarat 2012. They can easily and quickly track seat wise list of candidates and winners from all parties on the Official website and portals of the Election Commission of Gujarat as well as India.

Prof Sebastian Morris of IIM, Ahmedabad, is of the opinion that “when it is more heated and keenly contested election such as Gujarat, in research design you must take a higher sample size and maximum constituencies to get a correct picture. Unless they have purposefully stratified constituencies on the basis of urban and rural divide you may not get correct picture.”

Live Gujarat Election 2012 Results Vidhan sabha Assembly Election Results

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