List of All Chief Ministers of Gujarat state in India

List of All Chief Ministers of Gujarat state in India – All CMs of Gujarat information/details given here. The state of Gujarat came into existence on May 1, 1960 after the Bombay State was dissolved. Since then, Gujarat State has had a unicameral assembly. The Chief Minister of Gujarat heads the government along with his council of ministers. I have provided useful information/details for all general knowledge seekers.

  1. Jivraj Narayan Mehta
  2. Balwantrai Mehta
  3. Hitendra K Desai
  4. Ghanshyambhai C. Oza
  5. Chimanbhai Patel
  6. Babubhai J. Patel
  7. Madhav Singh Solanki
  8. Amarsinh Chaudhary
  9. Chhabildas Mehta
  10. Keshubhai Patel
  11. Suresh Mehta
  12. Shankersinh Vaghela
  13. Dilipbhai Ramanbhai Parikh
  14. Narendra Modi

I hope that above information/details regarding List of All Chief Ministers of Gujarat state in India i.e. List of All CM of Gujarat state will be useful to all citizens and other geeks.

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