Indian media is losing their credibility

Media is considered and known as the “third pillar of democracy”  but what will happen when they forget their responsibilities. India is the second largest country in the World and largest democracy in the World. Media has also helped the country in lots of way but now a days it is difficult to find constructive news in electronic media as well as in print media. People read newspapers/magazines and watch news channels to get something that affect the mass people as well as the nation. Now a days, it is difficult to find good news which affect mass people. Most of print media and electronic media concentrate on celebrities issues but what about real issues of an “Aam Aadmi – Common Man”? I have mentioned here some events which shows how media is interested in bakwas news. I have also mentioned some incidents where they have been found guilty.

Media Third Pillar

1. Sunny Leone’s lingerie stolen from a film shoot : ABP News is one of the most popular news channel in India. Is India didn’t have any issues which can replace such a “Bakwas news” which was covered by them ? You can find this news here and see what is being covered by them as the news.

2. Radia Tapes Controversy : Lots of celebrities across various sectors have been involved in Radia Tape for lobbying. Barkha Dutt was also involved in this controversy. You can also read this news on the prominent newspapers as well as on Wikipedia here.

3. Not Raising National Interest Issues : I have seen lots of bakwas news but why they are not raising national interest issues such as election expenses, criminal leaders, corruption at micro-level and infinite list. Now a days, leaders are spending crores of money on their rallies but ever Media has asked them from where they are getting money ? Lots of criminal leaders are there in the assemblies as well as in the parliament but ever media tried to limelight them regularly ? They only shows this types of news for very short time and forget them.

4. Paid News in Delhi Assembly Elections 2013 : In Delhi assembly elections 2013, almost 23 cases found of paid news which involves major print media as well as electronic media.

5. Poonam Pandey completes 3 years on Twitter : Is this national news ? Yeah as per the Aaj Tak, this is national news which matters for the nation. They have reported this news as one of the national news.

My Suggestions

1. Law for Media : Government should create some laws for Media on their responsibilities. This law should cover their responsibilities, penalties and punishment for doing wrong things.

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