How much is 1 Billion Dollars in Indian Rupees

Billion is one of the most used words in the list of the richest persons in the world by Forbes magazine. After the publication of the new list, every Indian visit Google to search How much is 1 billion dollars in rupees?

There are lots of magazines in India which also feature article of the wealthiest businessman in India with their net worth in billion dollars. But many of us don’t know that how much is 1 billion dollars in rupees (Indian Rupees)? It is very simple to calculate one billion in Indian rupees. I have provided step by step guidance to know the calculation as per the current market value of one dollar equivalent to Indian rupees.

Dollar Sign

Generally, the dollar is considered as the US dollar or the United States dollar or American dollar. The price of US dollar changes daily according to the International currency market. There is an easy method to know daily live currency exchange rate through Google search engine.

Step One :

In the first step, we should have answers of How much is 1 billion? Let’s calculate it. A billion is a, million x 1000 = 1 billion. So, it’s now easy to calculate 1 billion in Indian rupees. Let’s see the given below example.

Step Two :

Do you know how much one billion is? It is 100 Crore. In this step, we have to multiply US dollar with 100 crore i.e. 1$ x 100 crore. If you are considering current dollar price in INR is 60.00. Now, multiply one dollar with 100 crore i.e. 60 x 100 Crore = Rs. 6000 Crore.

Alternative way

The Google search engine is the best way to get the answer of this question in a simple way. Just open the Google and type “1 Billion Dollars in INR” in the text box. It will provide your answer i.e. total Indian rupees as per the current American dollar rate.

As per my recommendation, it is the simplest method to know the dollar conversation into Indian rupees. You can also follow above mentioned simple steps to convert any currency into Indian rupees. Likewise, If you want to know 1 Billion EURO into Indian Rupees then use Google to get latest total.

I think, you got answers of your question How much is 1 Billion Dollars in Rupees. Still, if you have any question or doubt, then please let me know. I will be more than happy to assist you.

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