How much 1 Million Dollar in Indian Rupees, One Million equal to INR

Rupee is the national currency of India, while dollar is the national currency of United States of America (USA). US Dollar is considered as the International currency. It used in various transactions for International business and investment. Most of people read news about business that example1 company has acquired abc2 company for US$$$$ Million dollar. So, most of Indian people have question in their mind that how much is One million dollar in Indian Rupees i.e. How much Indian Rupees (INR) equal to One Million USD. That’s why I have written some basic calculation to get exact figure here. So, let’s start.

When calculating dollar price equal to Indian Rupees, we have to first look into current price of USD equal to INR. It is the most important that we have to get price of US Dollar from live currency facility from Google.

Suppose, currently One US Dollar price equal to Indian rupee is Rs. 52 then we can do following calculation.

One Million US$ = 1000,000 US$
One USD Equal to INR = Rs. 52
Rs. 52 x 1000,000 US$ = Rs. 52000,000

In above example, first we have mentioned that One Million dollar is equal to 1000,000 US$. Then we have considered US$ 1 equal to Rs. 52 (Indian Rupees). Now, we have multiplied 1000,000 US$ with Rs. 52 then we can get Rs. 52000,000. We can simply say it is Rs. 5 Crore 20 Lakh in Indian INR. Most of International transactions are calculated and done in Millions. It is the simplest way to minimize the calculation to understand easily and quickly. Most of Indian persons don’t calculate this type of transaction in Million. They usually use lakhs and crore to calculate the bigger amount.

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