2015 Happy New Year SMS Quotes in English

2015 Happy New Year SMS Quotes in English has been provided here. It is the most important festival across the world. People will celebrate this festival with love, joy and lots of happiness. We have tried to select the best SMS and quotes in English language only.

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You can find here selected and the most popular SMS and wishes for your personal use only. You can also use these wishes as a Facebook status updates and others. You can also read our previous article which was written on Happy New Year Facebook Status

2015 Happy New Year SMS Quotes in English

In This New Year..
My Resolution Is Very Clear
Do Something For The Mankind
The Least Teach The MAN To Be KIND
Happy New Year 2015…

It is just meaningless to expect
someone to be of your nature. Because
You can’t hold anyone’s right hand
in your right hand to walk together .
Wishing You Very Happy New Year 2015.

We Do Not Celebrate
The Happy New Year It Is Islamic
To Wish Some One A Happy New Year Because
All Greetings R Islamic Until
We Have a Proof To Prohibit One…!!!
Happy new year 2015

My wishes for you in year 2015
Great start for Jan,
Love for Feb,
Peace for march,
No worries for April,
Fun for May,
Joy for June to Nov,
Happiness for Dec,
Have a lucky and wonderful 2015

May all the dreams in your eyes,
All the desires in your heart and,
All the hopes in your life blend together,
To give you the most spectacular New Year 2015

Before The Golden Sun Sets,
Old Calendar Is Destroyed,
And Mobile Networks Get Jammed,
I Wish In This New Year Every Moment Is Enjoyed.

Day and night all are Bright
When you hold the hand of our
Tell me Again the merit of yours
That I repeat it again and Again
I wish in this New Year 2015
Become a echo like you my dad
I want to be just like you….
Happy New year 2015

What is wrong what is right?
What is bad and fine
Seeking query with your sight
No doubt you are base of mine
Mother the name of starting
Love and be concerned in our life.

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First published on 3rd November, 2012. Last updated on 14th October, 2014.